About Us

Forsberg Services STARLINK product line was acquired by Forsberg Services Ltd from Raven Industries on the 30th April 2015.

The STARLINK product line includes GPS and GNSS signal amplifiers, splitters and fiber-optic solutions to resolve the difficulties associated with signal losses due to extended antenna cable lines. Forsberg Services STARLINK product range provides connectivity solutions for extended cable runs up to 5,000ft (1.524km) amplifying all GNSS constellations, including GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, SBAS and L-BAND. If our product line does not directly match your requirements please contact us to discuss them. We often come across specialised applications that require a bespoke solution and our team can discuss the options further.


Forsberg Services is a European navigation systems integrator and OEM component supplier.

Originally a navigation consultancy, we have been a successful outlet for GPS and GNSS products since 1997 with offices in Lancaster, UK and near Hannover, Germany. The company has strong engineering experience in navigation; specialising in PCB, software and mechanical design.

Our products include GNSS receivers for a range of applications and markets, Inertial navigation systems, GNSS antenna, navigation software and aerial survey systems.


We also provide design services, if you are wanting to build your own navigation system you should consider talking to us. We are happy to advise and help you build your own system rather than simply supplying components.

We manage production, test and delivery for ourselves and some of our customers. We provide customers with the best economical solutions using OEM, system design and manufacturing expertise.

We are certified to ISO9001:2015.

For more information visit www.forsbergservices.co.uk