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The StarLink product range is manufactured and sold by Forsberg Services Ltd.

Forsberg Services Ltd

Richmond House

White Cross,




1195445181899094722molumen_phone_icon.svg.hi  Tel: +44-1524-383320

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StarLink Agents

We currently work with select agents to provide StarLink products globally. The current StarLink agents are listed below:


usalarge USA Sales:


Precy Aquino-Jessen

Technical Sales Account Manager

1195445181899094722molumen_phone_icon.svg.hi  Tel: Office (703) 256-8900 x104

email-icon-hi Email:


Flag_of_Germany_(3-2_aspect_ratio).svg Germany:

Forsberg Services Deutschland

Guido Lenz
1195445181899094722molumen_phone_icon.svg.hi  Tel:+49-9367-9878-080
email-icon-hi Email:


1350px-Flag_of_India.svg India: 

AUM Microwave

1195445181899094722molumen_phone_icon.svg.hi  Tel:+91-80-25383463

email-icon-hi Email:


illarge Israel:

WaldyTech Ltd.

Eytan Dreifuss (Director of Sales & Business Development)

1195445181899094722molumen_phone_icon.svg.hi  Tel: +972 9 9573649 ext. 4

email-icon-hi Email:


krlarge South Korea: 

INSUNG International Co., Ltd.

Kyu-Joo Choi

1195445181899094722molumen_phone_icon.svg.hi  Tel: +82(2) 579-5031

email-icon-hi Email:


poland-hi Poland:

GPS Poland
Eryk Lipiński (Director)

1195445181899094722molumen_phone_icon.svg.hi  Tel: +48 12 637 71 49

email-icon-hi Email:


turkey-flag Turkey:

Leo Mühendislik

Armağan Arslan (Co-founder)

1195445181899094722molumen_phone_icon.svg.hi  Tel:+90(216) 414 8550

email-icon-hi Email: