GPS Down/ Up Converters


The patented GPS Down/ Up converter makes it possible for long cable runs up to 450 meters.

The GPS Down / Up converters are the perfect add-on for L1 GPS installations where long antenna cables are needed and a simple in-line amplifier will not suffice. A DUC consists of a down converter at the GPS antenna and an up converter at the RF input of the GPS receiver.

The patented technology phase locks the converter pair to provide high fidelity signal transport. This technique uses the same reference for up and down conversion, eliminating frequency error.

The DUC product is optimized for generic RG-58 cable and can be used for lengths of up to 450 meters.

The DUC system setup is simple.

  • Mount the Down Converter Antenna outside of your building to receive the GPS signal.
  • Connect up-to 1500 ft of Coax cable to the Up Converter inside.
  • Then connect the Up Converter directly to the GPS Receiver.


  • GPS Frequency: L1 (1575.42 MHz)
  • Cable Distance to Antenna: Up to 457.2m (1500 ft)
  • Cable Distance to Receiver: Up to 30m (100 ft)
  • Coax Cable Type: 50 Ohm